Emirates Zone has developed a robust infrastructure based on technology, human resources, strategic partnerships, and established assets to provide a range of diverse services that fit the company's vision and satisfy various market sectors. At Emirates Zone, we provide our clients with the strong partnership and support needed to achieve their objectives.

Our services include:


Marketing & Sales

At Emirates Zone, we understand the risks and the uncertainty that foreign markets and investment can generate for international investors. That's why we have developed highly effective business consultation services that can assist our clients in analyzing and understanding the opportunities, risks and potential in the market and their industries. We provide a complete consultation service, which includes the ...


Legal Services

The UAE legal environment can be a source of confusion for international investors. These investors are usually limited by decisions produced from a lack of understanding of this distinct environment. At Emirates Zone, our legal team is ...


Investor Relations

At Emirates Zone, we excel at providing business development services to international investors. Thanks to our years of experience in a variety of different sectors, we have developed a team of well-connected personnel who have a wide network of connections in the market covering most industries in both the governmental and private sector. In addition, the fact that our offices are located in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai helps us to serve you ...


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