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Business Setup

We understand the needs of your businesses. Our team can provide complete business solutions from beginning to end, helping our investors save valuable time and money.

Local sponsorship

Our local sponsorship services have been developed to provide the highest levels of support for international investors to conduct business operations with ease.

Business development & Marketing

We provide complete consultation services. In addition, Emirates Zone provides consultation on the operational level after business registration and company setup.


Emirates Zone is the ideal platform and window for opening a company and foreign investment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with offices in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

In the past decade, the UAE has become one of the major business centers of the Middle East. Year after year, the UAE remains a region of continuous economic development and prosperity. This prosperity has even led the UAE to be selected to host the next World Expo between October 2020 and April 2021, a testament to both its present and future economic activity and success.

At Emirates Zone, we provide foreign investors looking to incorporate business with  the complete support and services required  to set up a new business in this promising region.
We help investors through every step of the registration process by providing  an  all-encompassing list of company formation services , including:

  • The establishment of a business (in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or anywhere in UAE) that fits both investor's needs and meets with current government regulations;
  • Accelerating the time required to start business operations by minimizing the time and effort required on behalf of the investor;
  • Assisting the investor in achieving effective market penetration through implementing effective business development and business management tactics devised by our team of seasoned  business consultants. 

Emirates Zone is a significant platform for international investors to create value for their business and a tool to increase their return on investment in the UAE market.


H. E. Sanad Al Meqbali

Our Chairman And Founder

HE Sanad Al Meqbali has over 17 years of experience in various business sectors in the United Arab Emirates. He has founded and established a number of companies in fields as diverse as retail, online trading, investment, technology and government services.

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We provide office of various levels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Office and office rental

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How to start a business in Abu Dhabi?

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How to start a business in Dubai?

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How to start a business in UAE

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Local Sponsorship

Those wishing to invest in the UAE by setting up a company or business are required to ...

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Marketing & Sales

At Emirates Zone, we understand the risks and the uncertainty that foreign markets and investment can generate for international investors. That's why we have developed highly effective business consulting services that can assist our clients in analyzing and understanding the opportunities, risks and potential in the market and their ...

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Legal Services

The UAE legal environment can be a source of confusion for international investors. These investors are usually limited by decisions produced from a lack of understanding of this distinct environment. At Emirates Zone, our legal team is experienced in the ...

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PRO Services in Abu Dhabi

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Commercial agencies

If you are seeking another option for investing in the UAE, Emirates Zone also provides clients with a commercial agency service. This flexible solution provides foreign companies with a local licensed partner to facilitate the sale and distribution of their products with the UAE.

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UAE Free zone

The UAE economy is clearly divided between two sectors: the "onshore" sector, which is dominated by local business interests ...

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Investor Relations

At Emirates Zone, we excel in providing business development services to international investors. Thanks to our years of experience in a variety of different sectors, we have developed a team of well-connected personnel who have a wide network of connections in the market covering most industries in both the governmental and private sectors.

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ADNOC Registration


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Testimonials t

Everywhere Consulting / Everywhere Consulting

Emirates Zone, its team and specially its founder is a Service oriented company, punctual Professional. We have used them and are very pleased with their quality of service and time-lines. I'm really happy with their services.

HCL Technologies / HCL Technologies

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Emirates Zone, for your hard work in this Matter. As usual, you carried out the involved process in a professional and efficient manner. It's very reassuring to have you on "our team" at MAF.  

Zamil Offshore Services Company / Zamil Offshore Services Company

Emirates Zone, its team and specially its founder is a Service oriented company, punctual Professional. We have used them and are very pleased with their quality of service and time-lines. I'm really happy with their services.

Palfinger Marine / Palfinger Marine

I found Emirates Zone tremendously helpful, the staff is courteous, punctual and intelligent, and I got my company up and running, a process that would have taken a long period.

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