Emirates Zone has developed a robust infrastructure based on technology, human resources, strategic partnerships, and established assets to provide a range of diverse services that fit the company’s vision and satisfy various market sectors. At Emirates Zone, we provide our clients with the strong partnership and support needed to achieve their objectives.

Our services include:


How to start a business in UAE

To legally do business in Abu Dhabi, you need to incorporate a company and obtain a Commercial License, also referred to as a Trade License. Setting up a company in Abu Dhabi is likely to be very different from your home jurisdiction, so its vital to research first, understand the regulations, the ongoing commitments, restrictions etc…so that you can make an informed decision that is right for your business. The first ...


Local Sponsorship

Those wishing to invest in the UAE by setting up a company or business are required to have a local sponsor or agent. Emirates Zone is licensed as a national provider of sponsorship services to international investors. Our local ...


Commercial agencies

If you are seeking another option for investing in the UAE, Emirates Zone also provides clients with a commercial agency service. This flexible solution provides foreign companies with a local licensed partner to facilitate the sale and distribution of their products with the UAE. This is an ideal solution for companies wishing to enter the promising UAE market without ...


UAE Free zone

The UAE economy is clearly divided between two sectors: the "onshore" sector, which is dominated by local business interests and restricts foreign ownership, and the "offshore" sector, which ...


PRO Services

Pro Services & Government Transactions. As you can imagine, setting up a company in the UAE has a number of predefined procedures, cycles and formalities. An expert is required to guide you through the multiple stages and help you to successfully complete all of the paperwork when it is needed. Thanks to our wide network of connections and our years of experience in the field, we also offer our clients the professional ...